COVID Vaccination Information Point

Second dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccination programme comprises of two doses of the vaccine, with the national guidance being for the second dose to be given 12 weeks after the first. 

Patients will be contacted by the vaccination centre that provided their first dose in order to arrange an appointment for their second dose. 

Except in exceptional circumstances, patients should not look to obtain their second vaccination from an alternative vaccination centre; patients are expected to obtain their second dose from the same vaccination centre where they received the first vaccination dose. 

Each vaccination site is being supplied with second dose vaccine numbers based on the number of patients vaccinated with the first dose.

In order to ensure vaccination centres do not run out of vaccine, all patients are asked to comply with this nationally agreed arrangement.

Covid Vaccination Enquiries

‘We cannot answer COVID-19 vaccine enquiries.  The NHS is prioritising vaccinating those people who experts have agreed will benefit from it the most. We will let you know when it is your turn to book your vaccination. In the meantime, you can get information about the COVID-19 Vaccination online at

Important information for our patients

We will always contact you when it is time to book your vaccination appointment. The 0161 number is genuine and not a scam! This is a dedicated call centre for taking bookings.

Check our webpage often for updates - information changes almost daily. This is a lot for us to keep up with! However, we will always try to give you clear and helpful information when we receive it.

There are now more ways to book your vaccination appointments. Emails and messages are being sent centrally through the NHS. These clinics will be mass vaccination centres and may not always be local. If you cannot travel we understand. We will know that you have not had your vaccine and contact you.

Our call centre is extremely busy! We have to allow all of our patients the opportunity to book their vaccine when it is their turn. If you are not able to get through please keep trying. If you do not manage to book an appointment please do not worry. We will know and will contact you as and when more vaccines are available.

Please DO NOT CONTACT OUR RECEPTION TEAM regarding your vaccine. They are still busy helping vulnerable and ill patients. Your call may prevent a sick patient from getting through.

We understand that many of our patients are worried about scams. We know they are out there! We will contact our patients by SMS and our call centre may contact you to book an appointment. Please remember to update your details if they change. If you do not have a mobile phone we will use other ways to contact you. We post regular updates on our facebook page and here, on our webpage. You can always check here to validate information that you receive.

Knowing how to protect yourself from fraud can help with any worries. Click on or use or for further information about how to spot a scam and the best ways to protect yourself. These sites can also help you to identify genuine communications from central government and the NHS.

If you would like to ask questions about your grouping please follow the link on this page in the first instance. If you feel that you are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable please email the practice if there is any further information that you require.


What you need to know about the vaccination schedule

Often it is hard to know what information to trust. We are here to help with a few hints about what to expect. These are the main things that we would like our patients to know:

  • We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • We understand and share your frustration about incorrect and misleading information.
  • We have little control over when the vaccine is supplied to us. And how much we receive. This means that appointments may need to be arranged at short notice.
  • We have had great feedback about our clinics - thank you! Our aim is to vaccinate as quickly as possible using the government guidelines for groupings.
  • In some instances will we vaccinate as part of the wider community of practices in Congleton and Holmes Chapel at a local venue and at other times we will provide vaccines at our practice.

Common Questions

When will I be vaccinated?

We must follow the government national guidelines. These are the same for all vaccine providers.

Which vaccine will I have?

We cannot control which vaccines are delivered and therefore we cannot allow patients to chose which vaccine they have.

How will I be contacted?

In some cases this will be through a trusted call centre agent. You will either receive a text message or a telephone call inviting you to attend. Please do not contact our reception about this. They do not have any further information and you may be preventing an ill or vunerable person from getting the care they need.

Can I change my appointment?

We would strongly urge you to attend the appointment that you are given. We do not know when further vaccines will arrive and are unable to offer other appointments.

When will I get my 2nd vaccination?

We will follow national guidance and you will be contacted when an appointment is required.

Why are the vaccination clinics not happening more often?

We are restricted by the number of vaccine deliveries. We can only offer vaccination when vaccine is available! Any extra clinics also put pressure on our usual services. This has to be carefully managed and co-ordinated to ensure that none of our patients are adversely affected.

A considerable number of our staff are involved in managing and resourcing the vaccination schedule. Please be understanding and considerate of the pressure all of the staff are under. We understand that this is a worrying and dificult time for many. 

Please be reassured that we are here for you and working tirelessly to provide our vaccines in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Update to vaccination schedule

We are on schedule with our vaccination programme. Group 1-6 have been vaccinated or invited according to the governement guidelines. Look out for more information about further clinic dates coming soon!

Check your facts!

These links provide a great opportunity to find out more about the vaccine and how it will be rolled out. From sources that are genuine and reliable. Information can change very rapidly so please check back often to find out what has changed. - Information from the government about lockdown rules, wearing a mask, how to protect yourself and others and the national vaccine programme. - The World Health Organisation provides information from many scientific sources about vaccine development and how it works. - Get the facts! - Cutting through the COVID-19 confusion. Symptoms, testing, vaccination and much more!