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We Have Taken Part In:

  • HABIT study - Health professional Administered Brief Insomnia Therapy Trial - Partcipant Newsletter May 2020 - click the link at the bottom of this section.
  • 3D study –looking at comorbidity – we were on usual care arm of this study.
  • VACCept - to understand if women in the UK who are aged between 30 and 45 years and attend for cervical screening would accept HPV vaccination if offered to them. The study asks for women aged 35-40 attending for a routine cervical screening to complete a short online survey. The longer-term aim of this study would be to use the information to explore the feasibility and practicalities for the UK of a larger international study HPV Faster. HPV Faster also aims to offer HPV vaccination to mid-age women attending for screening. If the UK is to carry out the field work, this study would inform the logistics around uptake and research sites in primary care.
  • Me and My COPD study-A Real World Assessment of a COPD Disease Management Support Service.It is  study  which  includes  a  digital system  designed  to  assist  with  managing  COPD  including  these  flare    Bluetooth notes how often using reliever and asks re: symptoms on daily basis. Followed up for 12 months.
  • Pre diabetes study –phase 2 of the study- National Diabetes Prevention programme – structured education programme for pre diabetics (funded by NHS England)
  • Arissa UK – flagging electronically patients with high risk asthma- in intervention group. Fundingto undertake this study is on a national basis in order to determine whether our intervention improves asthma hospitalisation and mortality rates. Just started this
  • AF – AF database- observational study –collect data on the routine management of newly diagnosed AF (in last year) among different groups of physicians and followed up once at 12 months.
  • Diabetes – real world study. Phase 111b multi centre pragmatic RCT to compare the effectiveness and safety of S95002 (SC) to injectable GLP-1 receptor agonists as add on to oral therapies in type 2 DM.
  • NICE national pilot with the NICE indicator development programme

HABIT Study_ParticipantNewsletter_Issue 2_v2_Manchester.pdf